"I like your blog

Its investigative, with a side dish of funny.”

Aww thank you! We like you.

draw james watching TV

soon, soon, soon

idc if youre just trolling your doodles make me smile


idk who we are ‘trolling’ but i think it’s kinda obvious we do this stuff for a laugh and not to be serious. some people are just stupid. sighhhhhhz.

I think you're just bored and this "blog" is just an excuse for you to act immature and stupid on the internet. Come on, say something witty- I'm waiting to hear your brilliant response.


PS when did we ever even deny doing that? It’s pretty obvious we enjoy taking the piss. But anyways, I’ll let you bask in the glory you think you’ve earned by “figuring something out” that was already so obvious.

wi r miszundast00d~

I'm curious about this case too. I'm also curious about columbine, or 9/11, etc. But I would never want my name to be connected with theirs in any way.. That's why I can't understand why you call yourselves "holmies". I'm not trying to be rude, I'm just curious, and wanting to understand why the nicknames?

I’m sorry, we dunno how to answer this ‘cause we don’t get it either. We’re just waiting for y’all to catch on but you guys are taking too long >:(

do you really have a child?

yes i have a 7 and a half month old son (i’m such a dilf btw guys)

Hold up, is this blog like a troll blog OF THE TROLL BLOGS. Lol I have no idea what's going on. You say you "can't be bothered because some of you so-called 'holmies' but you yourself are acting like a holmie, paradox boom!

hi there, i don’t understand what you mean but if you wanna get some of my artwork tattooed onto your face, i will do it for 12 dollars.

Holmies Tip #5

name your first born child ‘james holmes’

i didn’t and now i’m going to hell

Request by clareclari"draw jimmy on his tumblr"
 don’t act like you’re not impressed

Request by clareclari
"draw jimmy on his tumblr"

 don’t act like you’re not impressed